Welcome to RYC

CaptureSailing on the Swartkops river is an addictive experience. The wind is an almost guaranteed factor – it is just the direction that changes.  RYC boasts a variety of sailing dinghies and an even more varied set of sailors, that have often been seen tearing up the river at winds gusts of over 40km/h!

If you wish to experience the exhilaration of sailing, this is the club you should visit.  We welcome all dingy sailors of any level of experience. Come and feel what it is like to control the PE wind! 

We are proud to be able to offer some of the best training facilities in the country and the club holds regular training courses.   As we all know this is the backbone to new membership in the club and for the younger students this culminates with the inter-schools regatta held in March every year. For further information on learning to sail and the Sailing Academy click here.

For further information on the club please contact the Secretary as below:

Hon. Secretary
P.O. Box 32, Redhouse 6215
email: secretary (at) ryc.co.za

Have a look at our Facebook page for inspiration and pictures click the icon below :