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Membership and Fees

Redhouse Yacht Club Membership

Membership to Redhouse Yacht Club is open to all and new members are warmly welcomed. Prospective members are invited to enjoy use of the Club facilities and partake in Club events for up to six weeks prior to being required to join the club.

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Club Boats

Redhouse Yacht Club has a few boats that subject to availability are able to be used by new paid-up members prior to them purchasing their own boat.

Membership Fees

Being firmly established and free of the major financial commitments associated with younger clubs Redhouse Yacht Club is able to offer members extremely reasonable membership subscription fees. The current membership fees for both new and existing members are indicated below and are inclusive of the SAS (SA Sailing) annual levy.-

Category 23/24 Subs SAS Total
Sailing R 1 250 R 600 R 1 850
Ordinary/social R 600 R 240 R 840
Student R 600 R 180 R 780
Junior R 380 R 120 R 500
Pensioner R 600 R 0 R 600
Sailing Pensioner R 600 R 600 R 1 200
Country R 450 R 0 R 450
Youth/Group R 5 250 TBA R 5 250
Family R 2 000 R 900 R 2 900
Development R 100 R 30 R 130

Sailing and Ordinary members who are pensioners are entitled to a 50% reduction in annual subscriptions upon application to the Committee. Associated Members do not qualify for a discount.

Although encouraged to join as members parents who do not participate in Club activities and who only accompany their children to and from sailing school are welcome to enjoy Club hospitality whilst waiting for their children to complete their sailing lesson and are not obliged to become members.

Redhouse Yacht Club does not charge new members a joining / application fee.

Prospective members as well as previous members whose membership has lapsed are required to apply in writing on the prescribed form. New members need not be nominated by an existing member but are required to introduce themselves to the committee.

Other Charges Governed by the Club's By-laws

Boat Shed Rental - Price per season for a private shed is R 1 400

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