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As amended by the Annual General Meeting held on 15th July 2007

1. Title: The name of the Club shall be the Redhouse Yacht Club.

2. Objects: The primary object of the Club shall be to promote and control yacht racing on the upper waters of the Zwartkops River above the bridges and also to provide for any other aspects of yachting appropriate to these waters, and the social and cultural interests and activities of its members.

3. Headquarters: The Headquarters of the Club shall be at Redhouse.

4. Club flag: The Burgee of the Club shall be a Blue Triangular Flag with a Red Border and a White Five Pointed Star in the centre.

5. Membership: The membership shall be unrestricted as to number and unless otherwise decided by the Committee shall consist of:

a. Sailing Members.

b. Hon. Life Members who shall have the fall privileges of Sailing Members.

c. Ordinary Members who shall be non-sailing members who make regular use of the Club facilities and who are accepted as being within the same family unit as a sailing member.

d. Junior Sailing Members shall be members who sail and who are not yet 18 years of age. Such member shall be entitled to transfer to student sailing membership without payment of a further entrance fee, provided that application is made in writing to the Committee before the member’s 18th birthday.

e. Student Sailing Members shall be members who sail and who are over the age of 18 but not over the age of 21 years, in the case of bona fide students, 25 years. Such members shall be entitled to transfer to full sailing membership without payment of a further entrance fee, provided that application is made in writing to the Committee before the member’s 21st or 25th birthday, as appropriate.

f. Associate Members shall be members who have been members in any of the other classes of membership and who through change of circumstances either live outside the immediate environs of Port Elizabeth or who do not visit the Club more often than once per season.

g. Pensioner members shall be members belonging to one of the above categories of membership and accepted by the committee as being retired from gainful employment; they annual subscription is shall be discounted as detailed in the byelaws from time to time.

The category of membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee. A list of all members shall be kept by the registration. No person other than Sailing Members who are in good standing and Hon. Life Members shall have any voting power in the Club, except as hereinafter provided for in clause 10-1(g).

6. Election of Members:

a. All candidates for membership must be proposed by Sailing Members of not less than two years standing and seconded by a Sailing Member.

b. Applications for membership must be made to the Hon. registration on an Application for Membership Form, indicating the type of Membership required and must be accompanied by the relevant fees.

c. Election of Members shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

7. Subscriptions and Entrance Fees:

a. Subscriptions and Entrance fees payable by members shall be determined at a General Meeting.

b. All subscriptions shall be payable before the 15th of September in each year and members, whose subscriptions are not paid by the 15th of September in any year, shall have their names posted on the Club Notice Board, and if their subscriptions shall still be in arrears, by the 31st of October, they shall be liable to expulsion by the Committee.

8. Resignations:

a. Resignations must be made in writing to the Hon. registration and any member resigning shall be liable for his or her subscriptions for the financial year during which such resignation is received.

b. Members who have resigned and wish to be re-elected shall be subject to the conditions of Clause 6 of this constitution.

9. Management:

The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of:

The Commodore

Vice Commodore


Hon. registration

Hon. Treasurer

and four additional Members.

All these shall be elected annually and only Sailing, Honorary Life Members and Ordinary members shall be eligible for election to the Committee. The retiring Commodore shall automatically become an additional member of the Committee for the first year after his term of office.

10-1 Powers of the Committee:

The Committee shall have power to:

a. Perform any act which may be necessary or desirable for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the Club.

b. Make, vary and repeal regulations and bye-laws for carrying out the provisions of the Constitution and the objects of the Club or regulating the use of any part of the Club premises, and laying down any charge for such used, a copy of such bye-laws to be kept posted on the Club Notice Board, at all times.

c. Maintain and repair the Club premises, furniture and its equipment and make such renewals from time to time as may be necessary.

d. Appoint officers to sign all legal documents on behalf of the Club.

e. Enter into contracts by and on behalf of the Club, providing that the cost involved does not exceed the present normal annual income.

f. To institute or defend legal proceedings by or against the Club.

g. To appoint or dissolve sub-committees for administering specific aspects of Club affairs. All classes of member shall be eligible for appointment to such Committees and shall have the power to vote on the business for which sub- Committees have been appointed.

10-2 Restrictions on the Committee: The Committee notwithstanding 10-1 shall only with the sanction of any Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting of Members of the Club have the following further powers:

a. To purchase and/or otherwise acquire landed property and also to sell and/or otherwise deal with such landed property.

b. To borrow money for the purchase of landed or other property and/or for any other purpose and to hypothecate the landed and / or other property of the Club.

11. Vacancies: The Committee may appoint eligible members to fill any vacancies which may occur in its numbers doing any financial year.

12. Financial Year: This shall be from first of May to end of April.

13. Meetings:

a. An annual General Meeting shall be held during June of each year and the Committee’s Report and Financial Statement for the past year shall be presented as such meeting.

b. A special General Meeting shall be called by the Hon. registration within 30 days of receipt of written requisition being received from either the Committee or not less than 10 voting members. The notice given to members to convene this meeting shall state the business for which it is called and the discussions and resolutions or amendments shall be confined within the scope of such notice.

c. Notice of meetings: not less than 14 days notice in writing shall be given to members of any Special General Meeting and not less than three days for any Committee meeting.

d. Notices of Motion shall be called for not less than twenty-one days prior to an Annual General Meeting and motions must be in the hands of the registration fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.

14. Quorum: At any General Meeting 15 and at any Committee meeting, five members with voting power form a quorum.

15. Expulsion:

If any member be found by the Committee to have been guilty in the opinion of the Committee of improper conduct it may expel such member from the Club and membership privileges together with all rights in connection with or claims upon the Club, or its property, shall thereupon be forfeited by the member so expelled. Such decision shall be by two thirds majority of the Committee.

16. Auditor: The Committee shall appoint a Hon. Auditor to check the accounts and balance sheet each year. The Auditor shall not be a member of the Committee.

17. Amendments: Amendments or additions to this constitution may only be made at a General Meeting and then only by a notice of motion in writing given to all members, not less than seven days before such General Meeting.

18. Yacht Register: The Handicapper shall keep a register of all Yachts belonging to members of the Club. Owners must furnish him with the following particulars, as soon as they acquire a yacht:

Name of Yacht


Sail number

Owners must advise the Handicapper when disposing of their yachts or changing the names thereof.

19. Competitors membership qualifications: Except as hereinafter provided and subject to any special rules laid down for any particular trophy, the helmsman and crew of all competing yachts must be Sailing, Student Sailing or Junior Sailing Members of the Redhouse Yacht Club. Visitors may compete in the race at the discretion of the Committee but only Redhouse Yacht Club members may compete for Club Trophies.

20. Dissolution of the Club: The dissolution of the club shall require a 75% majority vote at a Special General Meeting of the Club. The assets of the club shall be placed in the care of the Redhouse Yacht Club Trust.

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