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The Redhouse Yacht Club (RYC), which is amongst the oldest yacht clubs in South Africa, hosts dinghy races and operates a training program that has produced international champion sailors.

Located on the Swartkops river just outside of Port Elizabeth, in what can best be described as the village or Redhouse, RYC is very much a community sailing club.

The club has a traditional club feel and it certainly maintains some unique habits, probably formed 100 years ago. Top of the list of these has to be the serving of tea and cake between races during regular Sunday afternoon club racing. In fact it seems that there is a meal and drinks break between every race that takes place at RYC.

The Club welcomes visitors and is endorsed as one of the regional attractions by the Eastern Cape Tourism Board.


The Club primarily caters to dinghy sailors, sponsors a major dinghy training and racing program, is an affiliate of the South African Sailing Academy and is a member of the International Sailing Federation as well as part of South African Sailing Organization.

The climate around Algoa Bay allows for year round sailing and river sailing provides a more sheltered environment for smaller craft. There are usually one or two days of racing per weekend from September through to April with periodic larger events, including national regattas. During its evolution the Club has featured large fleets of diverse dinghies with the predominant race fleets presently consisting of RS-Teras, Sonnets, Lasers, Finns, Mirrors, Gypsys and Optimists.

The Club hosts the annual Eastern Cape inter-schools sailing championship and the 37th event was held in 2013.

The main sailing squad (or ”seniors”) comprises a broad range of sailors ranging in age from late teens to a couple over 70 years of age. The camaraderie between members, unique to Redhouse Yacht Club, is frequently witnessed both on and off the water when the ‘old salts’ eagerly share their knowledge and assist those members less experienced.

Junior Sailing

The Redhouse Yacht Club junior squad is one the fastest growing and most enthusiastic sporting groups in Port Elizabeth, enjoying regular academy lessons followed by Club racing.

The sailing academy at Redhouse is well established and concentrates on practical sailing rather than the academics of the sport. The Club owns a fleet of Mirror, Optimist and RS-Tera training yachts that Sailing Academy members are able to use for training and racing.

Sailing Academy

Redhouse Yacht Club is proud to have the Redhouse Sailing Academy. The academy operates a regular training schedule as well as school camps during the school holidays. For more details you can contact the William Pierce-Jones on 072 997 6968.

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Membership of the Club is open to all, and new members are warmly welcomed. Prospective members are invited to enjoy use of the Club facilities and partake in Club events for up to six weeks prior to being required to join the club.

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Membership Fees

Being firmly established and free of the major financial commitments associated with younger clubs, Redhouse Yacht Club is able to offer members extremely reasonable membership subscription fees.

Sailing Pensioner and Ordinary Pensioner Members are entitled to a 50% reduction in Annual Subscriptions upon application to the Committee. Associated Members do not qualify for a discount.

Redhouse Yacht Club does not charge new members a joining / application fee.

Prospective members are required to apply in writing on the prescribed form. New members need not be nominated by an existing member but are required to introduce themselves to the committee.

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