Sailing Programme


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Notice of Sailing Programme

Notice is hereby given that sailing at Redhouse Yacht Club will be held in accordance with the Sailing Program. All sailing at the Club will be governed by the RYC Sailing Instructions in this booklet and by this notice unless separate Notices and/or Sailing Instructions are issued for a particular event.

Type of Event

S = Scratch : Results will be determined by the order in which yachts finish (Portsmouth rating may apply).
H = Handicap : Results will be determined by the application of the club handicap system.
P = Pursuit Handicap : Each yacht starts at a time determined by her Pursuit Handicap Rating (PHR). Results will be determined by the order in which yachts finish.


Any class of yacht, which in the opinion of the Sailing Committee regularly musters a class of three boats or more, may be recognised as a separate class entitled to separate trophies or prizes. Other yachts will compete in the Open class. All National & International class yachts may be raced.

Event Category

Club events will be classified as Category C in terms of ISAF Advertising Code RRS Section ll, Regulation 20, the provision of which shall apply only while racing. Yachts wishing to display advertisements in terms of the classification shall pay an advertising fee as determined by the Sailing Committee.


Competitors shall comply with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) eligibility requirement in accordance with RRS Appendix 2 Regulation 21 which requires that all competitors (skipper and crew) shall be members in good standing of a Yacht Club affiliated to and in good standing with SA Sailing or their Member National Authority in the case of non-South Africans.


All yachts competing in the events in the Sailing Program shall be in possession of a such Measurement and Registration Certificates as required by ISAF and SAS from time to time.


Eligible yachts shall be entered by completing the required entry form prior to racing. Entries will close fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time of the race. No entry fees are payable for club events unless a separate Notice of Race is applicable.


Sailing Instructions will be published in this booklet and displayed in the clubhouse. This alters Rule 25.

Starters required for a valid result

At least three starters will be required for a trophy race to achieve a valid result. Series or Championship events will require at least four starters in at least one race to validate the complete series. In the event of the number of starters for a particular race or series of races being less than four, then that event or series, may be postponed or cancelled or abandoned at the discretion of the Sailing Committee.

Schedule of Races

Races are scheduled to be sailed in accordance with the Sailing Program which may be revised by a Notice to competitors. NOR means that a separate Notice of Race will be issued.


Tide information in the program applies to the venue for the event and has been based upon the Tide Table issued by the Hydrographic Office of the SA Navy.


All races will be sailed in accordance with The Racing Rules Of Sailing as determined by ISAF.