RYC Bye-Laws


These Bye-laws are issued by the Committee in terms of the Constitution in
order to facilitate the smooth operation of the club facilities to the overall
benefit of the members. They will also assist new members to become aware
of the conventions, which have arisen over the course of time. They are
subject to change from time to time by order of the committee. Updated
Bye-laws will be circulated to members.

1. General Obligations

1.1 All members should when asked, assist in the maintenance of the club
premises through work parties etc.
1.2 Visitors may be introduced to the club for a period of four weeks after
which they will be expected to apply for membership.

2. Operation of the Clubhouse

2.1 The kitchen is out of bounds to all members other than the members on
galley duty and Committee members.
2.2 The bridge is out of bounds to all members except the bridge crew and
Committee members.
2.3 Only certain Committee members and those with special duties have keys
to the clubhouse.
2.4 Subject to the approval of the Committee, the clubhouse may be hired
for functions at the rate agreed on by the committee. The hirer is
responsible for all damage, breakage’s and cleaning up after the function.
2.5 Dogs on leashes are allowed on the club property under the strict control
of their owners. They are not allowed in the clubhouse at any time except
for dogs assisting disabled people.

3. Operation of the Boatsheds

Boatsheds are allocated only to regular sailing members as they become available. The following conditions apply:
3.1 Neither Redhouse Yacht Club nor Committee members will accept any
responsibility for damage to, loss of boats or equipment stored in the
club’s boatsheds or on the hard as a result of floods, theft or any other
cause. Member’s boats etc are not covered by the club’s insurance.
3.2 Boats may only be parked in the shed allocated to you.
3.3 Each occupant must ensure that their boatshed doors are left locked as
the security of these sheds is dependent on all doors being kept locked.
3.4 Members must always hook their doors open when taking their boats in &
out and then close the doors ,the doors must not be left open while
sailing this is to prevent damage to the doors and hinges.
3.5 Any member selling their boat and vacating their shed will not be allowed
to sub-let their shed. This will be done by the club committee.
3.6 Boatsheds are intended for regular sailing members, if the committee
considers that a member is not making proper use of their boatshed
space, or is using it for storage purposes, they may re-allocate their
boatshed space to a more active member on the waiting list. After giving
written notice to the said member.
3.7 A rental fee will be charged in advance for each boatshed. This
will be paid in conjunction with annual subscriptions.

4. Club Equipment

4.1 Any person wishing to use club boats may only do so with the permission
of the member of the committee in charge of club boats or his
4.2 Any person using the club boats is solely responsible for repair or
replacement of any loss or damage.
4.3 The club’s boats may only be used under adult supervision and at the
borrower’s sole risk.
4.4 The club’s rescue boat and outboard motor may only be operated by a
Committee member or person authorized by the Committee who have a
valid Certificate of Competence.
4.5 Any person operating, travelling on or accepting assistance from the
rescue boat does so at their own risk.
4.6 Members using any club equipment are responsible for its proper
replacement into its correct storage place. This includes hosepipes that
are not to be left outside after sailing.
4.7 The club have certain Junior classes of boats for hire on a yearly basis.

5. Club Grounds

5.1 Parking of motor vehicles is only allowed in designated areas.
5.2 All vehicles brought into the grounds for the purpose of loading or
off-loading shall immediately afterwards be removed to a
designated parking area. No vehicles are to be left on the hard or by the
slipway at any time.
5.3 Camping and caravanning are allowed in the club grounds subject
to prior arrangement with the committee.
5.4 Campers are allowed to use the men’s change rooms but are not
allowed to use the clubhouse, except at regattas. Campers may use
the braai areas at any time.
5.5 Boats may be parked in the club grounds by prior arrangement with
the Committee.
5.6 No swimming is allowed by the slipway or any other area where boats are
being launched or returning to shore.
5.7 Juniors must wear life jackets at all times whether sailing or swimming.
Seniors must wear life jackets when sailing if there is no rescue craft on
5.8 Members shall take every precaution to safeguard the Club against
damage due to fire. Members shall ensure that no litter is left lying around
or thrown into the river.
5.9 No firearms are allowed on the club premises.

6. Multi-Tired Club Trailer

The trailer may be hired for the transport of boats to any official regatta.
Boats owners are responsible for the securing of the boats which are
transported at the sole risk of the said owner. Hire rates will be at the
discretion of the Committee.

7. Liability

All persons using the facilities of the club and all competitors who sail do
so entirely at their own risk. Redhouse Yacht Club and the persons concerned in the running of any race or events are hereby expressly excluded from any liability whatsoever for damage to property or personal injury sustained during racing or at any other time.

8. Discipline

If, in the opinion of the Committee, a member has committed a willful breach of rules or any Clause of any Agreement into which the Commodore has entered with any local or Government Authority, or Third party, on the club’s behalf, or is found guilty of any conduct prejudicial to the interests of the club, whether within or outside the Club precincts, the Committee may, at it’s discretion :
 expel such Member
 call upon such Member to resign and if he/she fails to resign, expel such Member, or
 deprive such Member of the rights and privileges of membership for any time or period.
No disciplinary action shall be taken before the Member has been given
an opportunity to appear before the Committee to explain his/her conduct. The penalty imposed would be subject to ratification by two-thirds majority
of the Committee.