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News – 29/09/2015

This weekend saw us sailing the Spring series with 3 races sailed. Conditions were challenging to say the least, with an unexpected strong Westerly wind coming through at the end of race 1, continuing into races 2 and 3.

In the end it was only the Sonnets, Gypsies and a lone Tera Pro that braved the conditions in races 2 and 3 and it soon turned out to be a crews race, as carnage broke out at regular intervals.

From Lauren retrieving her Skipper after he was left behind after a capsize, Lise refusing to abandon her post hiking out on the toe straps right though the capsize and subsequent righting and John who saved my bacon more than once when the wind shifted around back winding the sails dramatically on the beat. Even young Adam (6) crewing for me needs a mention, finishing the 1st race as the wind came through, with the shore crew biting their nails with worry – from my perspective he seemed fine and was singing his favourite pop songs and even managing to keep a tune.

Those who managed to hang on provided the shore with some spectacular speed displays on the reach with even the Gypsies plaining at times. By far the coolest and driest was Sophie on her Tera Pro which was putting out an impressive bow wave.

This weekend there is no sailing as many of us are heading off to Wriggelswade Dam for the EC Championship’s – good luck everyone and safe travels


News 9/9/2015

Hello Everybody
Well what fun and games was had at the river today. Our first race of the Hurricane series was a very light affair with the wind coming through just at the end and allowing the heavy weights to get line honours. The second race was sailed in stronger wind and more enjoyed by the boats that took part.

Next Sunday we will be sailing Hurricane series races 3&4 start not before 11-00.

On Sunday 27 September will see us sail the Spring series races 1,2 & 3. start will not be before 14-00.

For those of you that are intending to sail the provincials at Wriggleswade on 3 to 5 October the NOR and entry form are under evnts for download, please get your entries in early they have extended the late entry to 18 September 2015, also please read rule 1.5 in the NOR and comply. To all of you that do sail have a great regatta, sail well and hopefully we will have some provincial champs at Redhouse ? .
Well folks that is all for now, I will be away for a few weeks but the notes will continue.
Hope you all enjoy the river.
Fairweather Pam

News 01/09/2015

Notes from R.Y.C.
Hello to you all
What a terrific turn out we had on Saturday for the start of the season with 22 boats taking to the water to try and drift on the river ( what a lot of noise was made by some about the strength of the wind — remember every dog must have their day ? ) It was great to see you all with some faces we have not seen in quite a long time, it was a pity that the weather did not want to play ball and we only managed one race and none on Sunday as it would appear we don’t have any ducks for members !
In the evening a great schwarma experience was had by all with the weather playing along ,thanks to everybody who made it possible. Pics of the weekend are on the website follow the link (click here) to see them.
This Sunday we will be sailing Hurricane Series races 1 & 2  with the start not before 11-00 the weather at the moment looks good with some sun ( remember that yellow ball that is in the sky) and a warmer temp forecast.
This is a friendly reminder to you all that when you receive your subs invoice to pay promptly ( should be this week), especially those of you that are going to sail at Wriggleswade as SAS is starting to get tough on membership fees and these are a requirement to sail regattas. And when you have paid you will be given a RYC sticker to stick on your boat so everybody knows where you sail !!!
That’s all for now.
See ya on the river on Sunday.
Fairweather Pam

News 12/05/2015

Hello Everybody

What a great afternoon and evening was had by all that were on or by the river on Saturday.

We sailed one race to complete the NSRI/ Frostbite regatta with a gusty wind and not too much water . The winner in the Laser Fleet and largest class was Frank. The Finns were won by Andrew and the Sonnets by Tim with Lauren and Brigitte helping at the front on different races. The Tera Sport class was won by Jamie and the Open B by Jenna Bailes on a Tera Pro. Well done to you all.

After the race we reintroduced the Sail Past, it was great to see the boats sailing past the Commodore and saluting him. Luckily afterwards he changed as he got a bit of a wetting from some of our members.

We then got onto building the burger night which was enjoyed by all from all accounts we also made more money than our target which is great. The raffle is still continuing until the 22 May if anybody wants to still buy tickets at R10-00, some very nice prizes and remember it is for the junior team going to the J22 Junior Nationals at TYC. If you would like to buy some please contact Tim @ o827811770.

Our Junior Team going to the J22 are Justin Harth, Patrick Butler, Sophie Hynch and Jamie McGillivary with their coach Darryl and some spectating/ driver parents.

Well that is all for now folks.

Will let you know of anymore news and those lucky people who won the raffle.

Remember the AGM on 28 June at 11-00 notice to follow later.


Fairweather Pam

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NEWS 5/05/2015

Hello to you all

Last weekend saw a number of our sailors join the keelers to sail in Algoa week. They seemed to have fun and learnt all about big boat sailing. In fleet 1 line honours and 1st on handicap was Nemesis skippered by Tony x Sigi Bailes with Andrew Martin on board. The Arnolds were on their boat Adamo skippered by Steve and included Debbie, Sarah, also Colin Benadie and Sophie Hynch. On board Malgas was William Fraser and on Wild Thing was Justin Harth and Cameron Martin. A good selection of our senior and junior sailors.

After a recalculation of the overall results for ABYC Interclub held the weekend before it was confirmed that RYC won overall ( this is the addition of Senior and Junior fleets) Yeh, Yeh !!!

This Saturday sees us return to the river for the last sailing of the current season to sail races 3 x 4 of the NSRI/ Frostbite series. The first race will not be before 14-30.

After the racing it will be time to party when we will be having the build a burger evening with craft beer, this is the only fund raiser for our Junior Team who will be taking part in the J22 Interclub Youth Nationals in June at TYC. The burgers will be R25-00 and with a craft beer it will be R55-00 so please all of you come and support your club and the juniors that will represent it. There will also be a raffle with some great prizes of nights at the City Lodge and also breakfasts at a mere R10-00 a ticket that is great value, so bring lots of money with you.

On Saturday morning the Blue Water Bay Canoe Club will be holding time trials but they will be off the water before we start sailing, this is just a friendly note in case you arrive and think you are at the wrong club.

Rhona has Thule Roof Racks for sale if anybody is interested and they will be at the club on Saturday for viewing.

Well that’s it for now folks, see you all on the river on Saturday ( it looks like a great day for sailing) and afterwards at the party J


Fairweather Pam

News 9/04/2015

Hello to you all.

Hope you all had a great Easter, although the weather wasn’t very pleasant, glad there was no sailing on Sunday.

Would like to congratulate the winners of the Autumn series, in the Laser class Sherri Drake hotly pursued by Dad Ken. Finn class Andrew Martin, Sonnet class Tim & Brigitte Jones and last but not least the Open B class Meghan Jones with Jamie in second place. Go girl power.

This Sunday we will be sailing races 3 & 4 of Special Trophy II series with the first start not before 11-00, at the moment it looks like being a great day for sailing on the river so see you then.

The season is drawing to an end and we only have three more Sundays to sail so hope you will all come to make use of the river which is quite full after all the rain !!!!
Cheers for now
Fairweather Pam

NEWS 1/04/2015

Hello to you all

Some good racing was had on Sunday for races 3 & 4 of the Autumn Series, although Frank has still not got the measure of Ralph yet. It would appear that everybody enjoyed the shorter courses. There were a few sailors that borrowed boats which made for interesting sailing. With my view from near the back it was great to watch Ken suddenly try and sail a bit harder when he found Sherri was on his tail. But I think the best was when the Arnold’s (with the help of a coach boat—– I would fire them if I was you) decided to stop for tea or were they looking for the Easter Bunny on their own quite large island of water hyacinth after much (#@$$#) they managed to free themselves and finished the race

I think we would all like to Congratulate Justin on being awarded his full colours for sailing from Grey High, well done Justin !!!!

On Sunday 12 April we will be sailing Special Trophy II  races 3 & 4 with a not before 11-00 start.

All remains is to wish you all a Happy Easter and for those travelling safe journey and see you back on the river.


Fairweather Pam

News 24 March 2015

Hello Everybody

What a great turnout we had for Class Champs this past weekend, it was good to see some faces that haven’t been around too much ( hope you will continue to sail now the bug has bitten again ).  Have a look here for loads of pictures : click

With 22 boats on the water it was a good sight. We had the launching of the Arnold’s new Sonnet ( enjoy sailing her when you have learnt how ) and also the Commodores wife sailing a race all the way down to E but then forgot to go round X but a great effort Michelle… next week you will finish !!

The results are as follows : 1st in the Laser class ( on a radial ) Trevor Kitson, 2nd on a full rig Frank Collier ( and so the battle carries on !) In the Open B 1st Sophie Hynch and 2nd Jamie McGillivray both on Tera’s. In the Finn class it would seem nobody could beat the old man 1st Ralph Hodgen and 2nd Pierre Goosen and finally in the Sonnet class Tim Jones with numerous female crews and 2nd Steve x Debbie Arnold well done to you all and everybody else who sailed with some very weird winds on Saturday and good on Sunday but seems sand banks were the order of the day !!!!

This coming Sunday sees us sail Races 3 & 4 of the Autumn Series with a start not before 12-00. The following weekend is Easter so you can all have a rest and try and find the Easter Bunnies ( I have found one or two in the front boatsheds so guess there are more somewhere else).

PLEASE NOTE the following changes to the sailing calendar write them done now ( I will remind you later )

12 April  11-00 start will be Special Trophy II  races 3 & 4

There will be no sailing on Saturday 18 April or 2 May . We are combining the two regatta’s to form NSRI Frostbite Regatta which will be sailed as follows: Sunday 19 April a start of not before 14-00 races 1 & 2. On Sunday 3 May a start also not before 14-00 races 3 & 4. And after racing we will have the close of season party.

In closing I would like to know if anybody has or knows of a Laser 4.7 bottom section that their kid has grown out of and wants to sell.

That’s all for now folks, see you on the river on Sunday.


A downscaled Fairweather Pam

News 18 March 2015

Hello to Everybody

A gusty south westerly was the order of the day on Sunday and it appears was not too popular with some sailors in the village, hence a few capsizes happened notably Ralph who felt he really didn’t want to lose his boat so sat in the water till the wind pulled him and it back upright losing a few places in the process, Big Andrew went over and filled up with water reminding him that he really should fix his boat before sailing this weekend. It was good to see 8 boats on the water and Justin sailing his sonnet singlehanded when sister bailed out ( in my experience there are certain combinations that don’t usually work on the boat and that is one of them !! )

It was good to see the juniors out on the water at Darryl’s sailing school and even one Dad got back onto the water after not sailing for years ( the bug never leaves you) and raced a Gypsy.

This weekend sees us sailing Class Champs races 1&2 on Saturday with a 15-00 start and Sunday races 3&4 with a 14-00 start. This series is done on a scratch scoring system. Hope that you can all make  an attempt to get out onto the river to race. A little birdie has told me some good sailors will be sailing. Also remember the Rose Bowl Trophy ( best three sailors in a family ) is also up for grabs. Perhaps this is why we saw Michelle Martin cruising in a laser on Sunday the plot thickens.

For all Sonnet sailors or any other sailors that might be interested  Stephen du Toit will be at our club on Saturday from about lunchtime (Colin will confirm this time later) to help the Sonnets rig their boats talk about sailing them and even take photos and discuss the finer points after the races, this I think would be of interest to all sailors. So please come and support him, I also heard  that a new Sonnet is going to be launched that day …….. roll on the bubbly  J

Rhona has asked me to let you know that she will be serving a pasta bake supper on Saturday night @ R25-00 for sit down or take away after racing.

The following weekend sees us sailing races 3 & 4 of the Autumn Series on Sunday with a start not before 12-00.

All for now hope the wind gods will be kind and I can see you all on the river.

Cheers for now.

Fairweather Pam


News 25 February 2015

Hello to Everybody

This Sunday we will be sailing Special Trophy 11  as many races as we can before we lose the water etc. The start is not before 14-00, so please come and get back on the river.

We have received good readings from the samples that have been taken by the club. So barring something awful happening it looks like all systems go for Interschool’s.

Darryl will be holding his FUN training weekend on Saturday and Sunday, if anybody is still interested and have not contacted him please do so, it starts at 14-00 on Saturday and the whole of Sunday. The cost is R250-00 per person for the weekend and doesn’t include food. See attached flyer for details.

The galley is still looking for people to help serve teas and lunches etc. , for Interschool’s if you can ,give me a call so I can add you to Rhona’s list

041 3732345. It is only for about 2 hours a shift.

That’s it for now folk’s


Fairweather Pam