Redhouse 24 hr – 2015

Good morning all. Just a quick report back on the weekend, and thank you to all those who supported.
The event ran from 12am on Saturday through to 12 am on Sunday, and was a great success, and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who took part, 70+ sailors in all.
There were 7 dinghies on the water, 4 Sonnets (3 from RYC, 1 from ABYC), a Gypsy (RYC) and two Sprogs (East London Yacht Club), as well as a paddling team from NMMU. Winds were very light for the duration, making for safe but tactical sailing. The winning boat was the Sonnet owned by Debbie and Steve Arnold, and their team “North Sonnet” achieved 121 laps in 24 hours, totalling a distance of 107.3 km (58 nm).
Of special mention is the youth team (Too Inspired to be Tired) sailing in aid of cancer awareness. They were placed third and were always in the running, completing an impressive 112 laps. Notably they did all their own organising and definitely were the most cheerful bunch on the water.
The paddlers comprising EMC students from NMMU in a double kayak, clocked up an incredible 131 km’s (71nm) over the 24 hours.
These events only run smoothly due to support from the shore – big thanks go to Darryl, Pam, Es, Gordon, Cherie, Nikki for manning rescue boats, lap counting etc. John for the use of his Rubber Duck. William for his great flag pole. ABYC for their support and loan of racing Bouys. Michelle and Alan for great pictures and exposure. Also a huge thanks to Nico Louw, who heads up the EMC programme at NMMU, and got the students to help out with medical support and manning of the rescue boat during the race, in between their own racing shifts. Thank you to Mandy from Coca Coal for proving water and some of the prizes as well as the ladies who provided the very tasty late night soup.
Big thanks also to the Eastern Province Power Boat club, who were very welcoming, and served fabulous food and chilled drinks throughout.
Some links with pictures and relevance:
See you next year – start planning those teams now.