NEWS 7/10/2015

Hello to you All
It seems like there were a lot of interesting happenings at the club while I was away, but luckily nothing too major happened.
Pleased to see that some of the juniors are giving the seniors a run for their money.
This Sunday we will be sailing the Island Cup (wind permitting looks like could be a strong one…. so don’t forget your life jackets!! ) which is the long race to the bridge and round the bouys and then back home, it will be a pursuit race and will not start before 14-30.
Please come and support the club as this is our only race day in October owing to the awful tides this year.
See you all at the river on Sunday.
Here follows a report from Tim on the Eastern Cape Provincial which took place last weekend at Wriggeswade….. Cheers Fairweather Pam
Redhouse was quite well represented in the end and featured very well in the medals. 
Turn out was good in the Junior, Mirror and Fireball fleets but a bit disappointing in classes like Lasers and Sonnets (not a Finn to be seen and I was the only full rig Laser).
The venue is great with lots of space (we had 3 separate courses at times running concurrently) plus lots of camping space – facilities were basic but adequate and I will happily return, so those of you who missed out, put it on your todo list.
In terms of results here is a link to the full ones – notable results were:
Open Fleet :
1st Sonnet RYC John McGillivran Lise McGillivran
2nd Sonnet RYC Colin Bernadie Lauren Hynch
3rd Gypsey RYC Jon Theron Warren Sheil
4th Gypsey RYC Daniel Moore Alistair Barker

Mirror Fleet :

2nd : Sigi Bailes & Tamryn Bailes
10th : Bronwyn van Wyngaardt & Jenna Bailes
Laser Fleet :
3rd Tim Jones
Tera Pro :
Sophie Hynch
Tera Sport:
2nd Jamie McGillivray
3rd Meghan Jones