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News – 29/09/2015

This weekend saw us sailing the Spring series with 3 races sailed. Conditions were challenging to say the least, with an unexpected strong Westerly wind coming through at the end of race 1, continuing into races 2 and 3.

In the end it was only the Sonnets, Gypsies and a lone Tera Pro that braved the conditions in races 2 and 3 and it soon turned out to be a crews race, as carnage broke out at regular intervals.

From Lauren retrieving her Skipper after he was left behind after a capsize, Lise refusing to abandon her post hiking out on the toe straps right though the capsize and subsequent righting and John who saved my bacon more than once when the wind shifted around back winding the sails dramatically on the beat. Even young Adam (6) crewing for me needs a mention, finishing the 1st race as the wind came through, with the shore crew biting their nails with worry – from my perspective he seemed fine and was singing his favourite pop songs and even managing to keep a tune.

Those who managed to hang on provided the shore with some spectacular speed displays on the reach with even the Gypsies plaining at times. By far the coolest and driest was Sophie on her Tera Pro which was putting out an impressive bow wave.

This weekend there is no sailing as many of us are heading off to Wriggelswade Dam for the EC Championship’s – good luck everyone and safe travels


Barts Bash (S) – 20 September 2015

Position Skipper Class Crew Bart Speed Metres Seconds
1 Tim Jones Sonnet Adam Jones 2.10249 2813 1453
2 Pierre Goosen FINN 2.09776 2813 1408
3 RALPH HODGEN FINN 2.07565 2813 1423
4 Sophie Hynch RS TERA PRO 2.00124 2813 1899
5 Andrew Martin FINN 1.92797 2813 1532
6 Colin Benadie Sonnet Lauren Hynch 1.86503 2813 1638
7 John McGillivray Sonnet Lise McGillivray 1.84811 2813 1653
8 Jamie McGillivray RS TERA SPORT 1.82625 2813 2235
9 Meghan Jones RS TERA SPORT 1.81811 2813 2245
10 Adam Young RS TERA SPORT 1.51904 2813 2687
11 Robin Waters Gypsy Rana Waters 1.48038 2813 2094
12 Warren Shiel Gypsy 1.28628 2813 2410

News 9/9/2015

Hello Everybody
Well what fun and games was had at the river today. Our first race of the Hurricane series was a very light affair with the wind coming through just at the end and allowing the heavy weights to get line honours. The second race was sailed in stronger wind and more enjoyed by the boats that took part.

Next Sunday we will be sailing Hurricane series races 3&4 start not before 11-00.

On Sunday 27 September will see us sail the Spring series races 1,2 & 3. start will not be before 14-00.

For those of you that are intending to sail the provincials at Wriggleswade on 3 to 5 October the NOR and entry form are under evnts for download, please get your entries in early they have extended the late entry to 18 September 2015, also please read rule 1.5 in the NOR and comply. To all of you that do sail have a great regatta, sail well and hopefully we will have some provincial champs at Redhouse ? .
Well folks that is all for now, I will be away for a few weeks but the notes will continue.
Hope you all enjoy the river.
Fairweather Pam

News 01/09/2015

Notes from R.Y.C.
Hello to you all
What a terrific turn out we had on Saturday for the start of the season with 22 boats taking to the water to try and drift on the river ( what a lot of noise was made by some about the strength of the wind — remember every dog must have their day ? ) It was great to see you all with some faces we have not seen in quite a long time, it was a pity that the weather did not want to play ball and we only managed one race and none on Sunday as it would appear we don’t have any ducks for members !
In the evening a great schwarma experience was had by all with the weather playing along ,thanks to everybody who made it possible. Pics of the weekend are on the website follow the link (click here) to see them.
This Sunday we will be sailing Hurricane Series races 1 & 2  with the start not before 11-00 the weather at the moment looks good with some sun ( remember that yellow ball that is in the sky) and a warmer temp forecast.
This is a friendly reminder to you all that when you receive your subs invoice to pay promptly ( should be this week), especially those of you that are going to sail at Wriggleswade as SAS is starting to get tough on membership fees and these are a requirement to sail regattas. And when you have paid you will be given a RYC sticker to stick on your boat so everybody knows where you sail !!!
That’s all for now.
See ya on the river on Sunday.
Fairweather Pam