News 18 March 2015

Hello to Everybody

A gusty south westerly was the order of the day on Sunday and it appears was not too popular with some sailors in the village, hence a few capsizes happened notably Ralph who felt he really didn’t want to lose his boat so sat in the water till the wind pulled him and it back upright losing a few places in the process, Big Andrew went over and filled up with water reminding him that he really should fix his boat before sailing this weekend. It was good to see 8 boats on the water and Justin sailing his sonnet singlehanded when sister bailed out ( in my experience there are certain combinations that don’t usually work on the boat and that is one of them !! )

It was good to see the juniors out on the water at Darryl’s sailing school and even one Dad got back onto the water after not sailing for years ( the bug never leaves you) and raced a Gypsy.

This weekend sees us sailing Class Champs races 1&2 on Saturday with a 15-00 start and Sunday races 3&4 with a 14-00 start. This series is done on a scratch scoring system. Hope that you can all make  an attempt to get out onto the river to race. A little birdie has told me some good sailors will be sailing. Also remember the Rose Bowl Trophy ( best three sailors in a family ) is also up for grabs. Perhaps this is why we saw Michelle Martin cruising in a laser on Sunday the plot thickens.

For all Sonnet sailors or any other sailors that might be interested  Stephen du Toit will be at our club on Saturday from about lunchtime (Colin will confirm this time later) to help the Sonnets rig their boats talk about sailing them and even take photos and discuss the finer points after the races, this I think would be of interest to all sailors. So please come and support him, I also heard  that a new Sonnet is going to be launched that day …….. roll on the bubbly  J

Rhona has asked me to let you know that she will be serving a pasta bake supper on Saturday night @ R25-00 for sit down or take away after racing.

The following weekend sees us sailing races 3 & 4 of the Autumn Series on Sunday with a start not before 12-00.

All for now hope the wind gods will be kind and I can see you all on the river.

Cheers for now.

Fairweather Pam