News from RYC – 25 November 2014

Hello to everybody.
Well guess the wind had the last laugh on Saturday and blew my trophy away from me 🙁 A good race was had by the 5 Finns and 1 Sonnet , unfortually Peter decided that the Finn he was sailing should rather become the yellow submarine before the start of the race so didn’t compete. The race was won by Pierre hotly persuited by Colin and Sophie on the Sonnet ( in fact Pierre only managed to pass Colin at the bridge ). Well done Pierre at least you have upheld the tradition that the Hon Handicapper wins the Bailey Southwell …….. so you all know what to do if you want to win next year. On Sunday a calmer start to the day brought out more boats to sail ……Yes even me…. but the wind did come up by the bridge and then died again, but very well done to Tim and Adam ( yes you read right, believe there was some chocolate bribery going on, on that boat and also the jury is still out on the minimum weight for crews on Sonnets —–watch this space next year.) with Ralph coming in second.

Please note that there is a change to the calendar for this Sunday racing will not start before 11-00 and we will be completing the following series by sailing one race of each series, they are all race 3 of Spring, Summer and Special Trophy 1 and will be sailed in that order. You have been notified.

It would appear that so far Father Christmas is not going to be very busy on the 6 December, and he and his pixie will be very full with all the nice food. Michelle has received no replies yet, come on guys please phone or email her with names of children that will be coming by Friday 28 November on 0846016615 or
All they need is a present R50-00 or under and be at the club by 12-00.

There is sailing school this Sunday at 10-00 weather permitting and also a camp the following Friday and Saturday, please contact Tim on 0827811770 for further info.

We would just like to thank Ralph ( and his henchmen) for the work they have done in and on top of the clubhouse, thanks very much it is greatly appreciated by us all.

Now to the not so nice part. It would appear that parts of boats are being “borrowed” and not returned to the correct boats , come on guys if you have forgotten something ask before you borrow or at least have the decency to return the same because I sure you would hate it if you came to sail and found parts of your boats missing !!!!!!

The committee have asked me to let all members know that if you have not paid your subs and have boat sheds your boats will be removed from their sheds by the beginning of December 2014, as we have new members waiting for sheds, arrangements can be made with Benno for payments please contact him on 0414632005.

Well on that note I will say goodbye and hope to see you all on the river on Sunday.
Fairweather Pam