News 12/11/2014

Hello to you all

Guess the wind was the winner on Sunday as there was no racing. Just a reminder to you all, sometimes the wind isn’t blowing as hard at Redhouse as it is in town depending of course on the direction.

This Sunday sees us ( hopefully after this last hour or so who knows )
sailing Special Trophy 1 races 1& 2 with a noon start (12-00).

The following weekend is the long race weekend where we go and see how things are going down by the bridge. On Saturday we sail Bailey Southwell which is to the bridge and back. Actually the cup looks quite good in my house but maybe some Finns or Sonnets would like to take it from me 🙁 On the Sunday is Island Cup Race where we go to the bridge and do a few laps down there and then come back. Both races are a 15-00 start and they are pursuit races !!!!!
After racing on the Saturday Rhona is making a chicken dinner for all to stay and eat. The cost is R25-00 per head and take aways can be arranged. If people would like to put their name down, please tell Rhona on this Sunday.
Cheers for now
See ja at the river on Sunday.
Fairweather Pam