Notes from RYC  29 October 2014 – 110Years old !!!!

Hello to you all.

Unfortunately the weather seemed to let us down this weekend in PE and to a certain extent at George Lakes. There was no sailing or many members at RYC this Sunday but there was some good racing and breakages to be had at George Lakes. RYC had 6 members sailing there and a good time was had by some. Frans came 3rd overall in the senior division with his son crewing for him. Colin in 8th place with Lauren managing to stay in the boat for most of Saturday ( her mother is not sure how) and then handing over to Sophie on Sunday ( Sophie sailed the first race on Saturday and was lying 2nd when it went horrible pear shaped with 15 capsizes think that might be a record!!!) and if all accounts are true beat Frans in 2 races, so Tim you had better watch out Colin is on a roll. Trevor came 11th with Patrick just behind in 12th, Pierre came 15th.

Redhouse won the Sonnet Interclub Trophy made by Frans, see pic attached some happy faces there.

We came second in the Senior Interclub with only the host team ahead of us. Well done to you all .

A bit further afield we would like to congratulate Sarah Arnold on receiving her varsity sailing colours from Stellenbosch Well done !!

This Sunday sees our 110 year luncheon and it will be good to see some faces that haven’t been around for awhile. Lunch at 12-00 and hopefully some sailors will sail races 1 & 2 of the summer series afterwards.

The upstairs room has been converted into a chill area for all our youth and is looking quite spruced up , thanks to the Benadie and Jones’s families, but they are looking for old couches, bar stools and chairs if anybody has any they don’t want please let Tim know.

That’s all for now folks see you on Sunday 🙂

Fairweather Pam